Post-80s designer entrepreneurship talk, fashion career

This is the 3rd floor of a commercial and residential building in Causeway Bay. It is an upstairs BERTH with exquisite decoration and full of Art Deco style in the 1920s. The owner of this shop resigned as chief designer six months ago in order to build a personal fashion brand, have a space of his own, and draw a rainbow with his own hands. This is Afa’s story. “I have the finest ranking at home. My brother works in a knitting factory. My sister opened a store when I was very young. In this growing environment, I naturally became interested in fashion design. But I actually thought about developing in the performing arts industry After studying for a year at the Academy of Performing Arts, I eventually chose to return to the path of fashion design. When I graduated from the Department of Fashion Design of Caritas Bai Yingqi Professional School, my parents suggested starting a business, but I feel that my experience is still too shallow Work outside and absorb more practical experience. “

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